Custom Fabrication

Pipe Spool Welding

Pipe spool fabrication is the core of the Tex-Fin, Inc. success story. Since 1964, Tex-Fin, Inc. has worked on both on and offshore projects. Our knowledge and practical experience has become well known in the engineering industry. Pipe spools are fabricated from a number of raw pipes and pipe fittings (e.g. elbows, flanges, tees, etc.) in fabrication shops. Raw pipes are cut to the required sizes and moved with pipe fittings to a fitting table, where some of the components are fitted together (i.e. temporarily connected). The resulting sub-assembly (part of the final pipe spool) continues with welding operations (i.e. permanent connected) before it comes back to the fitting table and gets fitted with other spool components. As part of the process, Tex-Fin, Inc. has the capability to offer pricing that works with a n number of options depending on the size of the work and location. Tex-Fin, Inc is committed to providing custom pricing.

Heater Fabrication

Tex-Fin offers a variety of extended surface Finned Pipes and Finned Tubes to exact specifications that provide maximum service and heat transfer performance. Tex-fin, Inc. is a full-service heater fabrication facility offering steel (carbon and stainless), refractory and coil welding work to meet the specific requirements of the clients. We offer complete fabrication from start to finish. Since 1964, Tex-fin, Inc. offers combined experience in fired heater fabrication. Our skilled team has delivered customized projects from conception to reality to clients across the U.S and the global markets. After a successful function test, your heater can be sandblasted and painted in house which reduces lead time and eliminates unnecessary shipping costs. We can provide true turnkey fabrication and coatings for your next heater project.

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