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Tex-Fin is a full service fabricator of air cooled heat exchangers, tank heaters, waste heat boilers and pipe spools. Tex-Fin's shop is A.S.M.E. certified with "U", "S", and "R" stamps. Our in-house engineering department can design your equipment to meet any A.S.M.E., A.P.I., or process piping specification. All our equipment comes with a full warrantee giving you peace of mind when operating our equipment. With the fastest delivery in the industry, Tex-Fin can meet your most stringent requirements.

A member of H.T.R.I. since 2009

Tex-Fin's in-house engineering department can take your process information and design the most optimal equipment to meet your requirements. From thermal process design to mechanical design, our engineers are ready to tackle any project while guaranteeing process performance.

Did you know that Tex-Fin can provide replacement O.E.M. equivalent bundles for your existing air cooled heat exchangers or compressor coolers? All of our replacement bundles are available with A.S.M.E. "U", "S", or "R" stamps and bolt in without requiring field modifications. With the fastest delivery times in the industry, Tex-Fin can have you back up and operating with minimum down time.

In conjunction with our fabricated products Tex-Fin is a full service fin tube supplier. With 2 high frequency, 1 longitudinal, 3 McElroy and 8 L-Foot finning machines, Tex-Fin can handle any finning requirement from a small custom item to a long production run. Tex-Fin can also handle other related operations such as cutting, beveling, center welding to B31.1, B31.3, A.S.M.E. Section 8 and Section I, bending, coiling and pipe fabricating to your exact specifications.

Tex-Fin's manufacturing facilities in Houston and Crockett are equipped to handle any size production run with proven ability to produce a time tested superior product. This coupled with Tex-Fin's strategic location near the Port of Houston and Bush Inter-continental Airport along with convenient access to truck and rail make Tex-Fin the one to call when expedited deliveries are needed to meet your emergency needs.

Tex-Fin is the only finned tube manufacturer in the Gulf Coast area using High Frequency Welding equipment to produce welded finned tubes. High Frequency Welding is far superior to the M.I.G. (GMAW) Welding used by other finned tube manufacturers in the area. High Frequency Welding (HFW) produces virtually no heat affected zone, minimizing or eliminating changes to the metallurgic properties of the base pipe or tube. This means there is no need to heat-treat the completed finned tube.

Tex-Fin continues its commitment to customer satisfaction now with 49 years of proven experience. Whether it's a small custom item or a long production run your order will receive immediate attention. Our mission is to be the industry leader providing our clients with quality equipment and products, on time deliveries and cost effective solutions.

At Tex-Fin we're available around the clock 7 days a week for all of your emergency needs. You can reach us toll free 24 hours a day at 1-800-932-8471.

You may also contact us by email at sales@tex-fin.com and our fax line is available by dialing 281-821-1220.

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